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Raclette Quartett was founded in 2018 in Munich. All four members of the ensemble, all from different countries have won multiple prizes from a variety of national competitions and are currently studying at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater München” and "Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin". The group includes Caroline Messner from South Tyrol, Lucie Krysatis from Luxembourg, Jernej Cigler from Slovenia and Anton Doppelbauer from Austria.

The quartet has performed at various events, including university activities and concerts in France, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Italy. One very notable moment was winning the “11. Internationaler Jan Koetsier Wettbewerb” in October 2019 in Munich, where the young musicians succeeded for the first time as an ensemble while at an international competition. Furthermore, the ensemble was awarded with a special prize from the Bavarian radio.

In contrast to other horn quartets, the Raclette Quartett stands out by not having fixed seating positions and that’s not without reason. On one hand, every player has to be flexible and able to play high and low parts, while also discovering all the intricacies and charms of a piece. The other reason is creating a single, compact ensemble sound. This is achieved by not only changing parts, but also instruments; the ensemble plays on natural horns or even the tricky “Wagnertuben”. Having so much joy with the music itself, leads to the ensemble not wanting to specialise or even fixate on one style or musical genre.

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